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Takesyo Zipper Black Jika-Tabi

Takesyo Black Zipper Jika-Tabi

This modern-styled jika-tabi uses a zipper fastening technique which - combined with several elastic panels - gives Takesyo's product a nice snug fit and a cool look. Contrasting double-stitched white threads makes these one of the most stylish jika-tabi still suitable for high-intensity purposes.

Rikio Fighter Black 12-tab jika-tabi

Rikio Fighter (Standard) Black Jika-Tabi

These are the number one style in Japan and the flagship of the Rikio line of jika-tabi. They are light and flexible and conform to your foot's shape for maximum comfort and performance. The 100% Cotton construction is durable, breathable, and washable.

Rikio White 12-tab jika-tabi

Rikio TaviFoot Tabi Sneaker

The newest entry into the jika-tabi arena is the PVC tabi sneaker called Tavifoot. It comes in three versions: low-top with laces, high-top with laces, and lowtop with velcro. The sole is the same flexible rubber as the Fighter style, but has a more study and weather-proof construction.

Rikio Lace jika-tabi boot

Rikio Lace-Up Tabi Boot

This jika-tabi features a standard canvas boot construction that covers the ankles. Black rubber soles and rubber around the edges to keep your toes dry and the fabric clean. The sole is sturdier than the Fighter style based on a pair from their Ohsho budget line.

Rikio White 12-tab jika-tabi

Rikio White Jika-Tabi

These jika tabi are a white version of the standard Fighter jika-tabi - same exact construction but with a white cotton exterior. Not only are these light and flexible jika-tabi great performers, but they can be dyed or painted to the user's desires.

Rikio Hadashi (Barefoot) Black 12-tab

Rikio Hadashi (Barefoot) Black Jika-Tabi

The Hadashi jika-tabi have a stiffer rubber sole with extra grooves for water traction and a rubber strip around the shoe to provide extra protection from wet ground conditions. A distinctive style that fits and feels more like traditional shoes.

Rikio Fuyu Winter Black 12-tab

Rikio Fuyu (Winter) Black Jika-Tabi

These jika tabi are like the standard Fighter jika-tabi with a cotton quilting to make them warmer for cool days. Light and flexible, these jika-tabi are great for cycling around town, fall and spring training, or just hanging out at home in the winter.

Rikio Taro Violet 12-tab jika-tabi

Rikio Taro Violet Jika-Tabi

A slightly bulkier jika-tabi than the White and Fighter styles with reinforced sides and heel. Offered here in the traditional "kon" color which makes it stand out among other jika-tabi.

Rikio Hadashi (Barefoot) Black 12-tab

Rikio Spike Black Jika-Tabi

A jika-tabi for keeping your ground in rough terrain. There are spikes on the bottom, rubber coating up to the ankle to protect against water, and 100% cotton uppers and lining for comfort. Even though it has 8 tabs, it is approximately the same height as the other 12-tab jika-tabi.

Rikio Ansen Safety Winter Black 12-tab

Rikio Ansen (Safety) Black Jika-Tabi

The toes of these jika-tabi are reinforced with a strong resin composite material to make them crush resistant and still lightweight and flexible. Aside from this added safety feature they fit, feel and look very much like the Fighter style of jika-tabi. Available in black, navy, and white.

Marugo Jog Black Jika-Tabi

Marugo Matsuri Jog Black Jika-Tabi

This is one of Marugo's genius combinations of a jika-tabi with a sneaker - this one on the traditional side. Constructed like a classical jika-tabi but with a sole suitable for running and walking all day, it provides most of the benefits of jika-tabi to those in urban settings where padding is appropriate.

Marugo Jog White Jika-Tabi

Marugo Matsuri Jog White Jika-Tabi

This jika-tabi is constructed just like the black one with a running-quality sole and traditional fastening and styling. Great for matching white uniforms, for festivals, or for making your own original style with paints and/or dyes.

Marugo Air Jog Black Jika-Tabi

Marugo Air Jog Black Jika-Tabi

Jika-tabi with an air-cushioned sole. These are great for maintaining some of the benefits of jika-tabi while having sufficient comfort for pavement running and long periods of being on your feet. They have more of a sneaker feel, but many performance advantages over the common sneaker.

Marugo Sports Jog Black Jika-Tabi

Marugo Sports Jog Black Jika-Tabi

An even blend of traditional sneakers and traditional jika-tabi. The Sports Jog jika-tabi provides the balance, flexibility, and comfort of the Jog jika-tabi with the modern styling of a leather and mesh sneaker. A true U.S.-Japan fashion fusion with hightened performance in mind.

Marugo Magic Safety Black Jika-Tabi

Marugo Magic Safety Black Jika-Tabi

These jika-tabi have a reinforced toe and velcro closure for a very practical twist. The sole is still made of flexible rubber for a close to barefoot feel, but the toe protection offers some peace of mind in rugged conditions. The velcro may not be traditionally styled, but it sure is fast.

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