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Wholesale and Bulk Order Form

You can get a fast and easy price quote for your potential order, as well as explore your options, with the following online quote calculator and order form.

Simply enter your desired quantities of each product at each size, select your preferred shipping method, and this form will automatically provide you a complete order quote. The shipping calculator needs improving, so there may be corrections needed on that, but the subtotal quote provided here will be accurate.

Once you are satisfied with your selection, you can enter your contact information and any comments/questions in the form below, and hit "submit order". We will check your order for consistency and any issues with product stock, and then get back to you with payment and shipping information.

If you experience any problems, or have advice for us to improve this form, please let us know.

Sizes: Japanese (cm) on top, US Men's in second row
Height (tabs)22.5232424.52525.52626.5272829303132Base PriceStyle QtyStyle Total
FighterBlackTall (12)
FighterBlackHigh (15)
FighterBlackCalf (10)
Fighter (wide calf)BlackTall (12)
White FighterWhiteTall (12)
White FighterWhiteHigh (15)
White FighterWhiteCalf (10)
White FighterWhiteMed (7)
White FighterWhiteShort (5)
Zipper FighterBlackTall
Leather FighterAnyTall (12)
Custom FighterCustomAny (4-15)
TaroDeep BlueTall (12)
TaroDeep BlueHigh (15)
TaroDeep BlueCalf (10)
TaroDeep BlueMed (7)
Taro (wide calf)Deep BlueTall (12)
Insulated "Winter"BlackTall (12)
Insulated "Winter"Deep BlueTall (12)
HadashiBlackTall (12)
HadashiBlackCalf (10)
HadashiDeep BlueShort (5)
New HadashiDeep BlueTall (12)
Toe CapBlackTall (12)
Toe CapDeep BlueTall (12)
Toe CapDeep BlueCalf (10)
Toe CapDeep BlueMed (7)
Toe Cap InsulatedDeep BlueTall (12)
Toe CapWhiteTall (12)
Toe CapWhiteMed (7)
Cushion IIIBlackTall (12)
Cushion IIIBlackMed (7)
Cushion IIIWhiteTall (12)
Cushion IIIWhiteMed (7)
Cushion IIIDeep BlueShort (5)
Air CushionBlackTall (12)
Air CushionBlackMed (7)
Air CushionBlackShort (5)
Air CushionWhiteTall (12)
Air CushionWhiteMed (7)
Air CushionWhiteShort (5)
Air CushionDeep BlueMed (7)
Lace-Up Tabi BootBlackShort
Tavifoot Lace-UpBlack PVCAnkle
Tavifoot VelcroBlack PVCAnkle
Tavifoot Lace-UpBlack PVCShort
large size fees:Total QtySubtotal
Ship to Address:

Choose Shipping Method
EMS (4 days) $280 per box of 30
SAL (2 weeks) $200 per box of 30
Surface (1-3 months) $110 per box of 30
Freight (1-3 months) for orders > 120 pairs
Shipping Total:
Wholesale Discount (for orders > 200 pairs)
Grand Total


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If you have any questions about wholesale and bulk ordering, please feel free
to contact us at support@jika-tabi.com or use our online message form.

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