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About Jika-Tabi

So maybe you're curious about jika-tabi but you're not really sure what they are. Or maybe you have a pair already and just want some more inforation about them. At Jika-Tabi.com you'll find tons of information on various aspects of these traditional Japanese shoes.

What Are Jika-Tabi?
This page provides some basic information about the history of jika-tabi and their current usage in Japan. It will soon also descibe the different parts of jika-tabi and provide a picture glossary.

Why Do I Want Them?
Jika-tabi are more than just comfortable shoes. This section describes the numerous health and safety reasons to wear jika-tabi in addition to the obvious stylistic and performance features.

Where Can I Get Them?
Aside from this site there are other places that sell jika-tabi across the world. This page will list stores which stock jika-tabi and other online retailers that have jika-tabi or jika-tabi related products available.