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Wholesale and Bulk Orders

Our operation is mainly a wholesale service to stores (online and "brick and mortar") wanting to sell jika-tabi outside Japan. Soon we will create a streamlined wholesale ordering procedure including an order calculating worksheet to determine the exact cost of a custom-built shipment of products from our entire catalog (also expanding in the very near future). In the meantime, we provide some quick order options and further information about bulk purchases.

Minumim Order

The minimum order we can handle is a bulk order of approximately 30 pairs from a single manufacturer (e.g. Rikio, Marugo). Some styles (e.g. the sneaker models) are bulkier (and more expensive) than others, so the minumim order does vary slightly by the details of the order. The prices decrease with larger order sizes. For large wholesale orders (more than 120 pairs) it is often better to make arrangements with freight carriers straight from the factory, and we are happy to coordinate with your preferred method of shipment.


For smaller orders (less than 200) we use the postal system to send orders from Japan. 30 pairs fits in the largest allowable box perfectly (barely). The shipping cost per pair for overflow pairs is higher. So, for example, if you order 100 pairs, then 90 pairs will use three boxes (as below) and the additional 10 pairs will cost HALF as that cost (not one-third). So it is best to order in blocks of 30 pairs if possible. It takes about 1 week to process the orders, then shipping costs and times, per box of 30 pairs (of most styles) is as follows to most of the world:

  • EMS (4 days) $280 per box of 30 = $9.33 per pair
  • SAL (2 weeks) $200 per box of 30 = $6.66 per pair
  • Surface (1-3 months) $110 per box of 30 = $3.66 per pair

Quick Pack Orders

For your convenience we have compiled our two most popular orders into one-click "quick packs": the Fighter Pack and the Variety Pack.

The Fighter Pack contains 30 pairs of black, 12-tab Rikio Fighter jika-tabi in the most popular sizes. This is perfect for those trying out the #1 style of jika-tabi in their store, kiosk, festival stand, dojo, etc.

Fighter Pack
US Men's66.577.588.591011121314
Base price per pair: $25 USD; large sizes: * = +$1 per pair; ** = +$2 per pair
Normal price per box: $765 USD;
Quick Pack price: $720 + shipping (above)

The Variety Pack includes a total of 27 pairs across ten different styles of Rikio jika-tabi in a few diffrent sizes. This is intended as both a sample pack for those considering carrying jika-tabi who want to see a variety of possibilities. Also useful for easily stocking small venues with a mixed-interest customer base.
Rikio Variety Pack
StyleBase PriceSizes (cm); 1 each
Fighter Black 12-tab$252526272829*
White Fighter 12-tab$242526
Taro Deep Blue 12-tab$28252627
Insulated Black 12-tab$28262728
Hadashi Black 12-tab$222627
All Leather Black 12-tab$492627
Air Tabi Black 12-tab$282526
Zipper Black tall$30252728
Lace-Up Black Tabi Boot$322627
Tavifoot Sneaker low-top w/ laces$32262728
large sizes: * = +$1 per pair
Normal price per box: $790 USD;
Quick Pack price: $740 + shipping (above)

Note: All orders subject to availability; we will let you know if some sizes are temporaliy out of stock and offer to delay the shipment or switch out those sizes.

Custom Order

If the two quick packs above don't cover your needs, then you can create a custom order of your desired styles and sizes from the full range or Rikio products using our online quote generator (other brands and products to come).

Custom Designs

Maybe you don't see the jika-tabi you are looking for, and you want to make some changes to the colors, materials, and/or styling. We can custom make jika-tabi to your specification (within certain limits, of course). Typically there is a 100 pair minumum order for customized jika-tabi based on an existing style, though in some cases it is 200 pairs for specialty fabrics. They typically cost $7 USD more per pair than the base price, and they take longer to deliver because they are custom made rather than available from our warehouse. Here are some custom order ideas:

  • Fighter made from all natural cotton and natural rubber soles.
  • All black jika-tabi; e.g. black cotton with black rubber soles and black lining.
  • Cotton Tavifoot sneakers; excellent for parkour and martial arts outdoors.
  • Japanese patterned fabric integrated into the design.
  • Leather jika-tabi with kohaze or zipper.
In addtion to these modifications we are working on some new concept designs that will become available for special order only from Jika-Tabi.com. Items such as side-laced fighter tabi (like boxing boots), low-top elastic jika-tabi shoes, waterproof and abrasion resistant nylon jika-tabi, a rubber wrapped flexible approach shoe, etc. If you have an idea for a jika-tabi design that you would like to see come to life, please feel free to contact us. We may be able to make it a reality.

Inquires and Orders

For more questions about wholesale and bulk ordering, or to arrange a custom order of jika-tabi, please feel free to contact us at support@jika-tabi.com or use our online message form.

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