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Replacement Kohaze</p>

Replacement Kohaze

Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repair

Laundry Care Instructions
    Laundry Care Instructions
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Bleach Alternative If Needed
  • Hang Dry Recommended
  • Tumble Dry on Low If Necessary
  • Iron on Low (Avoid Rubber Sole)
  • No Dry Cleaning
  • Hand Wash to Spot Clean

Each part of jika-tabi, from the cotton lining to the rubber sole, is designed to last as long as possible, but some upkeep and repair may ocasionally be necessary...especially for our customers who are going to be rough on their jika-tabi for training. A pair of jika-tabi can be expected to last anywhere from 3 months of extremely intensive use to a couple years of normal wear.

The soft natural rubber outsole - the thing that makes jika-tabi so comfortable - is also prone to wearing away faster than most sneaker rubber and is usually the limiting factor. Some random threads may come out over time, but the redundancy in the construction ensures that the jika-tabi usually hold together quite well regardless. Most problems can be repaired with basic needle and thread skills. And if you accidently break, bend, or loose one of the tabs (kohaze) you can contact us and we'll send you a replacement.