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Why Do I Want Jika-Tabi?

Japanese people have been wearing jika-tabi for over a century, and tabi for centuries before that, but they have only recently been introduced to the West as everyday shoes. The sleek design, versatile styles, and comfortable feel make jika-tabi the perfect addition to any fashion-conscious person with a bend towards functionality.

Many styles of jika-tabi provide a barefoot feel unmatched by other minimal footwear, while other styles are more cushioned and supportive. If you're reading this, then you are not the kind of person that just follows the next fad when shopping, you are interested in quality, comfort, durability, as well as style. You will stand out among a crowd as a person with individual taste and an international flair. Because our jika-tabi are actually imported from Japan you know your are getting the genuine article.

We offer Japan's largest brands and unique boutique items. This means that a vast majority of Japanese wearers trust the quality and comfort of the product we sell above all competitors. If Japanese workers can wear these shoes for hours of jumping and climbing around building structures, then they should certainly be wearable through a casual day of shopping, going out, studying, or meeting with friends.

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